What makes The Cosmetic World different?

We stock the largest range of discontinued cosmetics that are rare and hard to find. We pride ourselves on being the go-to source for discount cosmetics, providing for your every need. Got a favourite shade of nail polish that you’ve never seen again? Perhaps it’s here!

So how are our products so cheap?

We know this is a question that many of you ask. The answer is simple, the discontinued make-up products that we stock are no longer of high value to the larger brands as they make room for newer products. Despite this, the discounted are still sellable, therefore instead of wasting all the unsold lines of cosmetics they are passed on to smaller chains like us. Think about it like an outlet store for your favourite clothing brand.

The Cosmetics World Promise

Our promise to you is to provide genuine products at genuine prices. Just like the clothes in outlet stores, our discontinued cosmetics are in perfect working order and are ready to wear. All the products you see on our site and unused, waiting for you to snap up a bargain.

Our mission to bring great brands that you love without the huge costs.

The team behind The Cosmetic World have been working in the industry for the past seven years but our passion for cosmetics and skincare spans far beyond that.


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