Sérum Injection Jeunesse - Vax'in for Youth de Givenchy

Sérum Injection Jeunesse – Vax’in for Youth de Givenchy

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Sérum Injection Jeunesse – Vax'in for Youth de Givenchy

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What it is:
An age-defying youth infusion serum.

What it does:
This vaccine-like serum is formulated with a unique complex capable of generating micro-stimuli, which encourage the skin’s cells to produce their own age-defying protein HSP70. The velvety, non-greasy formula preserves the skin’s youthful appearance, strengthens and repairs the skin’s defense mechanisms, and slows down wrinkle formation for a more luminous complexion.

What else you need to know:
The serum’s complex is the result of an exceptional collaboration with world-renowned, aging biogerontologist Pr Suresh Rattan. It is also a new and major scientific discovery of the hormesis phenomenon, proved in the field of body aging, applied for the first time to the field of skin aging, and reproduced for skincare. The complex has a wide-reaching performance that has an effect on all of the skin’s components.

Research results:
In a study conducted by biogerontologist Pr Suresh Rattan, results concluded that after six hours, the production of HSP70 increases by 24%, which is proportionate to the skin cells’ daily needs. The cutaneous resistance to signs of aging is therefore increased.

After Application:

  • Skin is immediately smooth and velvety, incredibly transformed.
  • 95% of women overwhelmingly appreciate the Youth Infusion Serum.
  • 87% rated their skin as luminous.
  • After seven days, 82% confirmed that their skin is re-armed and its youthfulness protected.

Footnotes: 1 Tested in vitro / 2 Measured test realized on one side of the face with the product (treated zone) and placebo on the other side of the face (non-treated zone), four weeks, 18 women / 3 Instrumental test, measured 48 hours after aggressive washing, 10 women / 4 Self-evaluation test, four weeks, 58 women / 5 Self-evaluation test, 4 weeks, 30 women / 6 Self-evaluation test, after seven days, 60 women.

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